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Posada de Santiago Restaurante

The Posada de Santiago restaurante serves delicious meals prepared from fresh and healthy ingredients. We bake the bread, pizza, and pastries, prepare the sauces and jams, smoke the chicken, make the ice cream and even roast the coffee on the premises. A few tasty vegetarian and vegan options are on the menu. Let us know if you have a special diet and we will prepare a special to please you.  We serve delicious carnivorous options, vegetables that are cooked just enough, and delicious desserts.  Peruse the menu below for a glimpse at the eclectic mix of international and local cuisine we serve. 

Enjoy the well-stocked cellar of fine wines and a full bar!

We are not a fast-food restaurant. Every meal is prepared to order.

Restaurant Hours

daily            7:30 am - 8:30 pm

Telephone:  7721 7366 or contact the managers: Edgar 4949-1016 or Petronila 4544-

Drinks and food are available in our lakeside Palapa Bar & Grill, outdoor rooftop Mirador, and we have room service.

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Hotel & Restaurant Posada de Santiago
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Posada Coffee
On our property we grow shade grown, high altitude, organic coffee annually. The tall bushes are covered with orange-scented, white blossoms after the first rains in late April, and are loaded with red berries by November.
Of course everyone thinks that anything they grow tastes better, but in fact there are some differences in our coffee that might explain its exceptional appeal. First, the high altitude, avocado shaded volcanic earth of Atitlan has always been a prized growing place for rich, full-flavored coffee. Second, our coffee trees are frequently supplemented with ample organic composted fertilizer. Perhaps most important, the coffee pickers are paid by the day rather than by the bag, so they have no incentive to pick anything but ripe, red berries.
The harvest is normally from November until February. If it interests you, ask and you can observe or lend a hand to our low tech process of picking, pulping, fermenting, sun drying, raking, husking, and roasting over a wood fire in a hand-cranked tumbler (don't worry- you're welcome to participate just long enough for a photo). The coffee is ground and brewed in the restaurant. We serve brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and a Cafe Finquero (cappuccino with rum and cardamom). We sell bags of whole bean & ground coffee by the pound.
When our crop has been consumed we roast and serve beans from a local co-operative of organic coffee producers. It is also exceptional.

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