Things to do while you're here

If you need a rest:

Spend the day at the lakeside pool, sauna and hot tub, or lie in a hammock and read, sipping exotic cocktails; gaze at the lake and San Pedro Volcano from our rooftop lookout; get a massage.



If you are the active traveler: These activities are included at no extra cost
Swimming Pool---Solar heated.  Truthfully, this does not mean much in January
Hot Tub—Solar and propane gas heated Wood-fire Dry Sauna & Electric Steam Bath –Eucalyptus oil vapor
(For most of the year the pool, hot tub and sauna are for the exclusive use of our hotel guests.)
Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle Boat Bicycles—we have five.
Fitness Center—Incline bench, free weights and a manual tread mill.

Explore the town on your own  
Visit the Catholic Church, constructed in 1472.  Fr Stanley Rother was beatified in late 2017. He is the first American born Catholic Martyr.
The Market is a lively center, full of colors and sounds. There is a daily market but the main one is Friday.  Sunday and Tuesday are also well attended.
Maximon, a drinking and smoking Mayan/Catholic deity is something you will only experience here.  
Gallery Row--Paintings, wood sculptures and intricate tropical hard wood boxes, hand-woven and embroidered textiles, as well as a variety of craft market items from all over the country.

Activities Available for an Additional Fee

Lake Tours  We can arrange for a boat on short notice.  They can take you anywhere you like. San Juan la Laguna and San Marcos are recommended destinations.
Hikes—Guides can take you on short hikes, a full day volcano climb or an overnight expedition.
Birding- Audubon-Certified Birding Guides are available for excursions to the nearby high altitude cloud forest.
Cultural Walking Tour  Dolores Ratzan is an expert on the Tz'utujil culture & religion.  Contact her for a tour:
Horseback Riding   Nearby stables have trail ride a meal package which includes transportation from the hotel.   Contact Nancy Matison
Massage—Q200 for an hour/Q300 for an hour and a half


Posada de Santiago

 Santiago Atitlán, Sololá, Guatemala C.A.


Rentals: ​

               Cel (502) 4510 3447

               WhatsApp +502 7721 7366 or

                                  +1 617 308 7026

Thanks to Napo Sojuel for his photographs and for

creating this website.

August 2018