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things to do in Santiago

Our community's lakefront amenities are available by reservation. Enjoy the pool, hot tub, temascal, canoes, kayaks, and yoga shala by signing up with your casita name and time on the board located at the lakefront palapa.



You may also venture into the town of Santiago or surrounding areas to enjoy birdwatching, amazing hikes with waterfalls and volcano views, cultural tours, and self-care treatments such as acupuncture or massage.

Explore the beautiful and historic town of Santiago on your own.

Visit the Catholic Church, constructed in 1472. Fr Stanley Rother was beatified in late 2017. He is the first American born Catholic Martyr.

The Market is a lively center, full of colors and sounds. There is a daily market but the main one is Friday.  Sunday and Tuesday are also well attended.

Maximon, a drinking and smoking Mayan/Catholic deity is something you will only experience here.  
Gallery Row--Paintings, wood sculptures and intricate tropical hardwood boxes, hand-woven, and embroidered textiles, as well as a variety of craft market items from all over the country.

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