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A Brief History of the Posada de Santiago

I first came to Guatemala as a young traveler in 1973, riding trains, buses and hitchhiking through Mexico and Belize on my way here.  My mother, Bonnie Dilger, visited here shortly thereafter and stayed a few months.   While on a vacation here in 1975 with my sister and brother, she had the inspiration to build a hotel in Santiago Atitlan.  She returned to California and conned me into being her partner.

We purchased the property in 1976 and began construction in November 1977.   

The photos show what was accomplished between November 1977 and November 1980, when the Guatemalan Army established a base nearby.

I was in Oregon when my terrible new neighbors moved in and did not return until November of 1989.  I have lived here since July 1990.

The army maintained a reign of terror on this village which lasted until December 2, 1990, culminating in a massacre of unarmed civilians which caused the army to be expelled by the peaceful method of civil disobedience. 

It has been a wonderful experience, building and running a hotel while learning from the strong and independent Tzu’tujiles who have preserved much of their culture since the conquest over 500 years ago.

Tour of Posada


Tour de la Posada


Below are a few organizations which benefit the community and make a difference.  We collaborate with them.

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